A holiday is just another day off

Nowadays there are a great number of different holidays all over the world. Some people believe that holidays have an important and valuable meaning, while others claim that they are just ordinary days when one does not have to work.

As far as I am concerned, holidays are something more than just another day off for a few reasons. Firstly, holidays exist to commemorate or honor someone or something special. Thus, holidays differ from regular weekends. Secondly, only on holidays people greet each other with particularly important date or event. Lastly, on these days people usually come together to participate in various traditional competitions or parades.

However, some people do not quite agree with these arguments. According to them, holidays are nothing more than a day off because people do not have to go to work. Moreover, some people do not celebrate holidays, they just relax on them like in any other weekend.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments. This is exactly owing to my belief that there is a strict separation between holidays and day offs. A holiday is not just the next day for rest, but also the event, which is related to some special occasion in the past.

In conclusion, I would like to state that holidays are distinctive days that should be paid proper attention to. That is why, I treat them accordingly and respectfully.