It is cruel to keep animals in zoos

Many wild animals are kept in zoos. Some people are convinced that living in a zoo is a torture for animals, while others believe that keeping animals in zoos is absolutely fair.

As far as I am concerned, keeping wild animals in captivity is an example of inhumanity. Firstly, many zoos are at odds with the standards of wildlife conditions. Thus, it make the lives of those poor animals miserable. Secondly, enclosing animals in cages leads to an impossibility of their return to the wild since animals lose skills in such a confined environment like cages.

However, some people do not share my point of view. They state that keeping animals in zoos is rather humanely since it saves species from extinction.

Nonetheless, I do not agree with my opponents’ point of view. To begin with, animals still have a much lower life expectancy in a zoo because animals are often more stressed and are unable to do usual things that they can do in the wild. Furthermore, if people keep more and more animals in cages not only will the species become extinct or endangered, but also animals will lose their natural way of life.

To sum up, I would like say that it is wrong to keep helpless animals in cages. Although a number of people do not share my opinion, I strongly believe that keeping animals in zoos should be prohibited.

By Алиска Панич <3