…I’ve started jogging in the mornings before school

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Nicole who writes:
…I’ve started jogging in the mornings before school. I’ve been waking up early to do it, but I love it. I wanted to ask you about what people do for fitness in your country. What places are there in your town that can help you keep fit? How often do you think people should work out during the week, and why? What’s one way you can make a workout enjoyable?
My most exciting news is that I’ve recently become head boy at my school…
Dear Ed,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to receive it from you again.

You have written about fitness in our town. Well, most people in our country usually do such sports as swimming, cycling or jogging, just like you. There are a lot of gyms and sport yards for sportsmen. Also, we have a huge park. In my opinion, people should work out nearly three times a week, because regular trainings are more beneficial. To make my workout enjoyable I usually listen to music while training. It helps me not to get tired untimely and gives me extra energy.

Congratulations on becoming a head boy! Do you enjoy being in such a status? Why did your classmates elect you? What are your duties?

I`m looking forward to your answer. Keep in touch.

Best wishes,