Junk food must be prohibited otherwise obesity becomes the most common disease people suffer from

Nowadays more and more people begin to suffer from obesity. In this regard, some people believe that junk food restriction will be very beneficial in order to protect people from this disease, though others believe that it is pointless.

As far as I am concerned, junk food should not be prohibited for a few reasons. Firstly, it is the essential right of every person whether to eat junk food or not. Secondly, it is better to promote healthy lifestyle than to restrict people’s freedom to choose their eating habits. Lastly, it is very hard to define what food exactly can be called junk food. That is why I think that prohibition of unhealthy food will not lead to any positive results.

However, some people do not agree with my point of view. According to them, most people, especially children, need to be restricted in eating because they cannot control themselves. Besides, the government is in charge of health care services. Consequently, it should regulate people’s consumption of junk food in order to avoid such serious diseases like obesity in the whole country. This reasoning makes people think that prohibition of unhealthy food is essential.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments. This is exactly owing to my belief that people themselves should be responsible for their and their children’s eating habits. Moreover, the government cannot control every part of people’s lives.

In conclusion, I would like to state that junk food should not be restricted. It is the responsibility of people to look after their health and form positive eating habits.