… my old laptop has finally reached the end of its days!

You have received a letter from your English speaking pen friend Vivien…

… my old laptop has finally reached the end of its days! I’m going to buy a new one this weekend, and I wanted to ask your opinion about them. What is the most important thing you think about when you buy a new computer? What’s the most common thing you do on a computer? What do you dislike about computers, if anything?

By the way, I came first in my tennis tournament last week…

Dear Vivien,

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to receive it from you again.

You have written about the computers. Well, I guess that the most important thing when I buy a new computer is its functionality. I have to know what my new computer can do. Really, the most common thing I do on my computer is surfing the Internet. Also, I make my school presentations on it. As for your last question, the thing that I dislike about these devices is their price. Computers are extremely expensive nowadays.

Great news about your victory in the tennis tournament! How does it feel to be the winner? Was it hard to get the first place? Are you going to celebrate your victory?

Sorry, I have to go now. Write back soon.

Best wishes,