People shouldn`t be allowed to work from home because it`s less productive than being in the office

Nowadays everyone can choose a working place relying on personal preferences. Some people vote for working at home, though, some of them believe that people should not be only allowed to work from an office due to better productivity.

From my point of view, it is important to allow working at home, because it is much more beneficial. Firstly, people feel more comfortable and relaxed when they work in a non-stressful environment. Calm conditions will help employees to focus on the work in a significant way. Secondly, home-based work will allow employees to spare more time to other important aspects of life such as their family, health and friends. Moreover, workers do not have to spend their time on transport if they do business at home. This may even increase one`s working capacity. That is why I vote for having the workplace at home.

However, some people believe that working in the office is more effective. They support their opinion by the fact that it is harder for an employee to concentrate thoughts in the appropriate way and start doing business at home, where he does not have tight rein and control. Besides, collective work and brainstorms, which improve productivity, may only be offered in the office. These arguments make people think about the advantages of working outside their homes.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments because they are not convincing for me. This is exactly owing to my belief that even without constant supervision of the boss and the help of brainstorming sessions people can be really very productive. They will be able to do their work properly, and this is not always due to their willpower, but thanks to the job they love.

In conclusion, I would like to state that home-based workplace may lead the employees to perfect efficiency. Therefore, I would like to work from home in the future.