Pushing children to achieve robs them of their childhood

Some people claim that it is necessary to make children achieve from an early age, while others argue that such activity steals childhood from them. In this essay, I will try to look upon this issue.

From my point of view, forcing children to succeed is a kind of violence. Firstly, pressure leaves children no time to play, which leads to some emotional problems. Secondly, working hard, always having busy schedule, having no time for fun- these are not children’s matters. The last but not the least is that constant pressure leads children being under a great deal of stress. That is why I vote against striving for constant achievement.

However, some people believe that making children to succeed from a young age is very beneficial. They support their opinion by the fact that it is easier to develop skills in early childhood. Besides, a bit of pressure will prepare children for success in life. These arguments make people think that forcing youngsters is a positive thing.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments, because they are not convincing for me. This is exactly owing to my belief that race rush takes away all the things that are fun about being a child.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that parental pressure is not beneficial for children. It is essential to let the child be the child.