The standard 4-5 weeks’ holiday that employees receive is insufficient for dealing with stress

Nowadays it is quite hard to balance work with rest: for some people 4-5 holiday is enough to recover from work, while others argue that such amount of time is insufficient for dealing with stress. That is why the problem of how long the vacation should last becomes a topic of great deal of discussions.

From my point of view 4-5 weeks is an excellent length of vacation for reducing stress. Firstly, some employees in countries with very high standard of living like China or Australia cannot afford such a long vacation. However, people in these countries live happily and have time for relaxation. Secondly, it is feasible to have a rest in full for such a long period: to spend time with friends or family or even to have a flight to a resort. The last but not the least is that if the main goal of prolonging the duration of holidays is an attempt to avoid stress, then it is pointless, because stress is an inevitable part of life. That is why I believe that a 4-5 weeks’ holiday is sufficient.

Although, some people claim that it is impossible to rest in such short time. They support their opinion by the fact that 4-5 weeks are not enough for full relaxation after an existing work period. Besides, it is hard to get into a normal routine without previous decent rest. These arguments make people think of holiday’s shortage.

Nevertheless, I do not agree with these arguments. This is exactly owing to my belief that it is much harder to get into the rut after too long-lasting vacation.

In conclusion, I would like to state that 4-5 weeks’ leave is enough for relaxation. That is why I vote for it.